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​Sustainability Report and Video 

Sri Lanka’s largest Carbon Neutral company and the only apparel company to have all of its factories certified carbon neutral had a lot to be proud of. Teaming up with their sustainability partners CCC, they launched their first ever sustainability report detailing their green journey and their plans for continuing to grow in an environmentally friendly manner. We designed their green report “In good hands”, highlighting their Passive House and green milestones, art directed to feature the factories green surroundings. The report was written giving the company brand pillars and values, and detailing how they hope to achieve or have achieved these milestones. 


Concept | Design | Copy

Based on the clients brief to showcase Hutch as a warm & friendly corporate entity for their 2018 calendar, we created a visually endearing design showcasing children. The many brand attributes of hutch, like caring, joyful, fun and sharing were portrayed with photographs of children under the theme “sharing the joy of connectivity”

Lalitha Jewellers

Strategy | Concept | Design | Photoshoot
Lalitha Jewellers has been a household name in fine jewellery in Sri Lanka for decades, yet had not been in the limelight for some years and had therefore no specific image that the brand owned as its own. We proposed a restyling of their advertising and website photography to portray a classic, cultured woman as opposed to a high fashion or mass appeal look. We also re-positioned the brand as a bespoke jeweller, which highlighted their capabilities of a high level of design and artistry in the jewellery market.

Canis Dog Food

Strategy | Social Media​

Homegrown dog food brand Canis was on a mission to re-program the feeding behaviour of dog owners in the country. While the company produced and sold human grade, natural dog food through word of mouth and contacts, the brand was speaking too softly to be able to make any noticeable changes in the market. In November 2020, we formerly launched Canis- barkin’ good food, by positioning it as the healthiest choice for pet parents. Our communications did not focus on selling product, rather it spoke to those who loved and cared for their pets as a parent would, and sought to educate them on healthy feeding in general. Our social media pages shared original articles on good pet parenting, on feeding and training, on nutrition and on the harmful effects of feeding commercial pet food to dogs.

​The pages received feedback commending the advice and the brand was looked up to, as a trusted adviser on all things dog. 6 months into establishing the brand, a slow roll out of advertising our healthy meals and treats began and was an instant success. The brand continues to regularly offer useful advice on caring for your pet the right way while also producing some barkin’ good food!

Carbon Consultancy Company
Social Media
For the Carbon Consulting Company, we set out to use their social media channels to educate and create awareness among corporates and concerned citizens, about the impact of their actions on the environment. Facts and statistics backed up posts about plastic pollution, mangrove conservation, ocean conservation, and the many everyday decisions corporates can take to reduce their carbon footprint. 

amante Boutique  – MAS Holdings
Visual Merchandising 
For lingerie brand amante’s flagship boutique at racecourse mall, we dressed up the windows in 3 dimensional concepts with each seasonal launch. Whimsical larger than life flowers and mushrooms, Pop colour summer elements,  surreal jellyfish, fluffy hearts and burst open gift boxes featured prominently with lingerie clad mannequins. The concepts were first sketched out and then art directed and produced with the help of set designers, who helped bring these wonderful visual merchandising designs to life. ​

One off packaging designs

Packaging design forms an important part of any brands identity, and we have had the privilege of creating many pack designs for growing local brands. Our designs cover a range of products from diapers to tea, dessert to biscuits and more. Every design starts from a multitude of initial sketches, which are then honed in on and perfected to become the final print ready pack.

Glow Collagen  – MEGA Pharma
Social Media creative strategy 

Collagen supplement Glow had been in the market for many years, yet did not have the brand recall and voice that it should have. It was also hardly known in the capital city while awareness was higher in the outskirts due to the brands constant presence on TV talk shows. We sought to position the brand differently on its social media channels, attracting a younger, more savvy audience who needed to preserve their youthfulness rather than fix wrinkles or ageing skin. Our premise- be the best version of yourself. We proposed colour palettes and a refreshed photography look, suggested a foodie approach to the insta feed and encouraged customer selfies of all ages to be shared. The products benefits for internal health like stronger joints and better hair and nails were also highlighted in our strategy.

Logo Designs