Canis Dog Food

Strategy | Social Media​

Homegrown dog food brand Canis was on a mission to re-program the feeding behaviour of dog owners in the country. While the company produced and sold human grade, natural dog food through word of mouth and contacts, the brand was speaking too softly to be able to make any noticeable changes in the market. In November 2020, we formerly launched Canis- barkin’ good food, by positioning it as the healthiest choice for pet parents. Our communications did not focus on selling product, rather it spoke to those who loved and cared for their pets as a parent would, and sought to educate them on healthy feeding in general. Our social media pages shared original articles on good pet parenting, on feeding and training, on nutrition and on the harmful effects of feeding commercial pet food to dogs.

​The pages received feedback commending the advice and the brand was looked up to, as a trusted adviser on all things dog. 6 months into establishing the brand, a slow roll out of advertising our healthy meals and treats began and was an instant success. The brand continues to regularly offer useful advice on caring for your pet the right way while also producing some barkin’ good food!